Body Painting

Having enjoyed the world of face painting,it has been a natural progression for Funki Faces to step into the world of Body painting.

Funki Faces had the pleasure of attending a body paint meet at Websters Classics in South Wales and competing in the body painting at the Uk Face and Body Paint Convention and Bath Body Art Festival.We are happy to announce we can provide an award winning body artist after being awarded second place!

Body Art is one of the oldest art forms in existence and can be used to create memorable visual impact or a meaningful tribute.

It is suitable for many occasions,from private photo shoots and alternate family portraits to brand promotion,corporate events and meet and greets and trade stands.

The reasons for a personal photo shoot are many,either just for expression or creativity or sometimes to embrace body changes,such as weight loss or gain,scarring,or pregnancy,or to mark personal events,births,marriages,deaths etc. The resulting artwork s are fitting tributes to be treasured forever.

Body painting is particularly useful to promote businesses,companies and brands,either as meet and greets at events,or the spectacle of having a living moving art work being produced in front of your public,creating interest and increasing footfall and memorability.

All designs can be created with the level of nudity that individuals are comfortable with.



Private Consultations are given for free over the phone or facebook etc. as each clients needs are so varied and individual.

After the design requirements and needs have been established a quote is then given on an individual basis.