Glitter Tattoos

We provide Glitter tattoo parties for those of you who love to sparkle and shine. We use a wide range of stencils to suit everyone’s needs, boy’s or girl’s!

Glitter tattoo?s stay on the skin for between 3-5 days and are safe and gentle on the skin. They are easily removed using baby oil.

We also provide Glitter parties for older children and adults that include all things glitter,such as glitter tattoo’s,chunky festival glitter eyes,glitter beards, lips and eyebrows and more!

We are happy to do larger free hand design’s on request please contact us for a free quote to meet your requirements


On average we can paint a minimum of 10 full faces in 1 hour.

  • Our minimum booking is 2 hours @ ?70
  • Subsequent hours @ ?25 per hour
  • Full day-6 hours @ ?170

Combination Party (i.e. face painting and glitter tattoos, or scars and wounds)

  • Our minimum booking is 2 hours @ ?80
  • Subsequent hours are charged @ ?25 per hour.
  • Full day-6 hours @ ?180