Health & Safety

Funki Faces is covered by public liability insurance

All paints used are EEC and FDA approved, of cosmetic grade and safe to use on skin.

A full face design is suitable for over 3’s, a small design on hand or cheek will be painted on 2-3’s, sorry but face painting is not suitable for under 2’s.

We cannot paint anyone who appears to have a skin disorder, open wound, cold sores or eczema or appears unwell. However we may be able to paint an unaffected area.

If you are aware your child has sensitive skin, please ask for a patch test. This involves painting a small area and leaving it for twenty minutes, if there is no reaction we would then be happy to proceed.

We use a clean sponge per child and brushes are washed between children, and water is changed regularly to prevent cross infection.

Paints can be removed at home with clean water, soap and a flannel. We do not recommend use of baby wipes to remove paint.

Some colours may tinge the skin, after a couple of washes this will fade.

As with any cosmetics products we cannot guarantee a reaction won?t occur. However reactions are extremely rare and to date, we have never known one!